Food & Nutrition

Gary Nabhan, Ph.D.

Gary Nabhan, Ph.D. is an acclaimed ethnobotanist, conservation biologist, nature & food history writer. He is the director of conservation and science, Arizona-Sonoradesert. Gary is the author of 16 books.

Why Some Like it Hot: The Genetics of Culture, Food, and Health (Island Press, 2004).

Coming Home to Eat: The Pleasures and Politics of Local Foods (Norton, 2001).

Marc David

Nourishing Wisdom: A New Understanding of Eating (Random House/BellTower, 1991) was endorsed by Dr. Larry Dossey, author of Recovering the Soul, who said “this book could forever change the way you think about food.” A classic.

Dina Cheney

*Work in Progress: The Wakame Chronicles: A Journey from the White Foods to the Right Foods