Patricia Klindienst

Patricia Klindienst, winner of the 2007 American Book Award, is a master gardener and an award-winning scholar and teacher. She lives in Guilford, Connecticut, and teaches creative writing each summer at Yale.

The Earth Knows My Name; Food, Culture and Sustainability in the Gardens of Ethnic Americans (Beacon Press, 2006). 2007 American Book Award winner.

Sidney Le Blanc

The Secret Gardens of Santa Fe (Rizzoli, 2004).

Melba Levick

India Sublime (Rizzoli, 2009).

The Big Book of Small Gardens (Rizzoli, 2003).

Estate Gardens (Rizzoli, 2002).

Desert Gardens (Rizzoli, 2000).

Japanese Gardens of the Pacific West Coast (Rizzoli, 1999).

The Gardens of Southern California (Chronicle).

Visiting Eden: The Public Gardens of Northern California (Chronicle).