Ralph Lopez, M.D.

Ralph Lopez, M.D. was the first doctor to open a full-time practice of adolescent medicine in the United States. He was listed as one of the ten best pediatricians in the ity in New York Magazine, May 2001.

The Teen Health Book: A Parent’s Guide to their Adolescent’s Health and Well-Being (W.W. Norton, 2002) is destined to become the health bible for parents and teens. Jointly represented with Judith Riven.

*Work in Progress: What Teens Aren’t Telling Their Parents…and Why: A Doctor’s Advice on How to Translate What
Your Teen is Saying

Georgia Andrianopoulos, Ph.D.

Georgia Andrianopoulos, Ph.D. is a physiologic psychologist in the field of eating self-regulation and weight loss. She is the director of Brain Fitness Training Centers in Chicago.

Retrain Your Brain, Reshape Your Body: The Breakthrough Brain-Changing Weight-Loss Plan (McGraw Hill, 2007).

Karen Lindsey

Karen Lindsey (as co-author for Susan Love, MD)

Dr. Susan Love’s Hormone Book (Random House, 1997) was a New York Times Bestseller.

Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book (Addison Wesley 1990, 1995, 1999, 2002, 2006 revised and updated editions) received the Rose Kushner Award. The book has been endorsed by The Harvard Health Letter. Ms. Magazine cited it as “one of the most important books in women’s health in the last decade.”

Robert Latkany, M.D.

Robert Latkany, M.D., formerly an ophthalmology surgeon , today is the founder and director of THE DRY EYE CLINIC at the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, as well as at the center for Ocular Tear Film Disorders in New York City and White Plains, New York.

The Dry Eye Remedy (Hatherleigh Press, 2007 & revised, 2016).

Sherry Kahn, M.P.H.

Sherry Kahn, M.P.H. is an integrative medical consultant. She lives in California.

Healing Magnets: A Guide for Pain Relief, Speeding Recovery, and Restoring Balance (Random House/Three Rivers Press, 2000).

The Nurse’s Meditative Journal

Healing Yourself: A Nurse’s Guide to Self-Care and Renewal

Nancy Stedman, M.S.

Nancy Stedman, M.S. is a science writer who writes for the New York Times, Prevention, Good Housekeeping, and other magazines. She lives in New York City.

The Sam-e Solution Handbook (Random House/ThreeRivers, 2000).

Jonathan Zuess, M.D.

Jonathan Zuess, M.D. is a physician with residencies in conventional medicine and psychiatry. He has studied herbalism, nutrition, Asian medicine, and homeopathy. Currently, he is a physician in the department of psychiatry in Phoenix, AZ, as well as a student of the Kabbalah.

Ginkgo: The Smart Herb (Crown, 1999) combines the best of conventional and natural healing.

The Wisdom of Depression (Crown, 1998; Gill & Macmillan, 1999; Integral, 2000) is an invitation to trust our innate wisdom and the mind’s natural capacity to heal. Sam Keen, author of Fire in the Belly, says “At last a balanced approach to depression, an antidote to the simplistic, mechanistic view of the drug industry.”

How to Use St. John’s Wort: The Natural Prozac Program (Crown, 1997).

*Work in Progress: Wired for Love: God, Love, and Neuroscience.

Amy Stein, MPT,

Amy Stein, MPT, is the owner of Beyond Basics Physical Therapy and Pelvic Floor Rehab and specializes in Pelvic Floor dysfunction.

Overcoming Pelvic Pain The Natural Way (McGraw Hill, 2008

Greg Wolfe

How to Make Love to a Plastic Cup: A Guy’s Guide to the World of Infertility (HarperCollins, 2010).

Dr. Diane Schneider

The Complete Book of Bone Health (Prometheus Books). Agented by Katharine Sands.

Dr. Frederick Lukash Dr Suzanne Steinbaum

The Safe and Sane Guide to Teenage Plastic Surgery (BenBella). Agented by Katharine Sands.

Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum

Doctor Steinbaum is Director of Women and Heart Disease at Lenox Hill Hospital, NYC

Dr Suzanne Steinbaum’s Heart Book: Every Woman’s Guide to a Heart-Healthy Life (Avery/PenguinRandomhouse 2013)

Dr.Alexa Fleckstein

The Diabetes Cure: The 5-Step Plan to Eliminate Hunger, Lose Weight, and Revers Diabetes For Good (Rodale, 2013)

Dr. George Demirakos

Fix My Shoulder:Healing from Injury and Strain (Rowman & Littlefield, 2014)

“I would recommend this book to anyone, athlete or not” says professional hockey player, Maxine Talbot.

* Work in Progress: Fix My Knee